What give likes on Instagram: why put, what are the benefits

Luminaries of social networks have long been accustomed to the need to periodically click on the «heart», because they understand that they give likes on Instagram. Approval lines include both ordinary users and business owners. Everyone wants to see at least three-digit numbers on their likes. If necessary, you can even buy instagram likes.

Why do adult respected people beg for a «heart» of their publication? What is the point in all this fuss and what are the changes in Instagram policy? We will analyze in this article.

Popularity indicator

Like counter is a pointer to whether your publication is liked by subscribers. This is the easiest way to establish feedback with them without resorting to comments. It is assumed that the higher the score, the more interesting the content. In reality, these data do not always correlate.

How the approval mechanism works:

  • The user prepares the content — photo, video, text;
  • Places it in his profile;
  • Subscribers get acquainted with the content;
  • React. If you like, then click on the «heart». If the publication is not “hooked”, scroll further.

Account holders aim to make them unique and attractive to visitors. That there was a desire to subscribe and follow new posts. The number of likes below them will eloquently indicate how much they like them.

The answer to the question why you need likes on Instagram is simple. Popular profiles are able to bring their owners hundreds of thousands of rubles every month. These amounts grow from revenue from collaboration with advertisers. You can advertise your products and services, products of other manufacturers, as well as your colleagues — other bloggers. When choosing a partner for the purchase of advertising, the buyer looks at indicators such as the number of subscribers, the number of likes and comments on posts.

What give likes on Instagram: why put, what are the benefits

What are the benefits

If you have a personal blog, you already know that they give likes on Instagram under the photo. They bring the following benefits:

  1. You can scan your audience for activity in your profile. In some cases, it is better to remove the «dead souls» from among the subscribers;
  2. analyze the reaction of readers to publications. If necessary, revise the style and content of posts so that the promotion of the account does not stall;
  3. photos with a large number of likes psychologically affect users, forming them more confidence in the account. After all, what most people like cannot be bad;
  4. popularity allows you to isolate yourself from competitors;
  5. increase self-esteem. Why do you need likes on Instagram, if not in order to feel like a cool photographer, a bright personality, an outstanding specialist. This is a kind of therapy in the virtual space.

Account success

Success depends on whether publications appear in the feed of its subscribers or not. However, social network algorithms are constantly updated. No one can say for sure how the formation of content that will be shown to the user occurs. It is reliably known that several indicators of interest influence this, namely:

  • how often the user visits the application. The rare guest of Instaram will be offered the most delicious publications. It is very likely that he will not see a post with a small number of likes;
  • area of interest. In each new visit, posts similar to those that found a lively response to previous visits are shown. For example, I was interested in repairing — photos on this topic appear in the tape. It is likely that they will also take into account the geographical location of the user;
  • activity — leaving likes and comments, saving to bookmarks. Neural networks perceive such actions as a lively interest in the account. Interested followers see each new post. Loyal subscribers, knowing this feature, do not ask why to like on Instagram. They will gladly reward the blogger for working with a double click on the photo;
  • number of subscriptions. The more of them, the less likely to appear in the user\’s publications feed;
  • how long has been signed up for an account Fresh subscribers are shown new publications more often than those who have signed up long ago.

What give likes on Instagram: why put, what are the benefits

Production methods

To gain popularity on Instagram, go one of two ways, or use both:

  1. Application of good practices:
  • quality content. Original photos or videos with catchy texts. Adjustment for the target audience, taking into account its values, lifestyle, problems. Publications should have subscribers for further communication.

For example, on the mother’s needlewoman’s blog, there’s an instruction on how to make something beautiful with your own hands. A beautiful photo will get a like. In the comments there will be compliments and questions regarding the details of the work;

  • timeliness. It happens that a high-quality photo goes unnoticed only because it was posted at a time when most of the subscribers to the account are sleeping. By the time they woke up, the publication had already dropped significantly in the feed. Consequently, the risk that likes will not be very great.

Untimely and deprived «hearts» may be posts of an entertaining nature in the days of nationwide sorrow;

  • Use of hashtags and geolocation tags. If your publication is in the top ten most popular, chances are good that it will be seen by random readers interested in this tag or place;
  • sharing likes. The manifestation of activity in the profiles of other bloggers with a similar audience. Approval of publications of its subscribers, responses to comments. To achieve a stable arrangement of partners, it is important to communicate constantly;
  • regularity in posting new posts. Accustom readers to a certain mode in the appearance of your publications. In the event that they do not appear in the feed, subscribers can start looking for them through your profile;
  • the use of stimulating games, sweepstakes, contests with prizes. A prerequisite may be affixing likes to a certain number of publications.
  1. Unfair methods:
  • Cheat. The popularity of Instagram has made popular programs that help to increase the number of likes for photos and videos. There are both paid and free services. The danger of this method is that with excessive zeal you can run into a fine from a social network.

What give likes on Instagram: why put, what are the benefits

Current situation

Instagram developers have long paid attention to the dishonesty of many users in the field of account promotion. In 2019, a decision was made to gradually abandon the likes-based ranking system.

The key to the appearance of fresh publications in the feed is the quality of the content, the interest of the subscriber, the activity that he previously showed.

Perhaps soon the question “What do Instagram likes give?”, We will answer: “Nothing!”

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